Sex Tips – Play Safe

Sex is essential for men, women and the society. Sex and life cannot be separated. Where there is life there is sex. But sex has complications attached to it. To enjoy complete and safe sex you must keep the following in mind.

Talk sex before having sex

To talk about sex, before having sex gives you the actual pleasure of sex as you feel the touch of love and not simply sex. Be straightforward about your sexual intentions and help to know what you expect from each other. You should let your partner know your desire and limit of sexual relationship.

Do not have undesired sex

Abstain from each other when you really do not feel like having sex. Never have sex to please your partner. Having sex under pressure may create problems for you. Moreover it is your life and you have your right of choice.

Have safe sex

It’s important! Whenever you have sex play safe. Whether it is your consistent partner or strangers have protected sex. There are different birth control alternatives to prevent you from being pregnant. You can use any alternative according to your comfort level and health. There are varied types of pills, barrier methods and injections. It is true that birth control methods have side effects and other complications. It is therefore a must to talk to your health care taker before you go for that particular method. Always remember that only the use of condoms the barrier method protects you from both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Other methods protect you from pregnancy.

Never have sex when drunk

Most of the cases of unwanted pregnancy are seen when couples have sex when they are drunk. Alcohol makes the brain numb. You loose the power to think and make proper decisions. More than ninety percent of pregnancies are unplanned under the influence of alcohol. This is generally seen amongst teenagers. They get drunk and have unprotected sex, most of the times they said that they never thought of having sex it was just the influence of alcohol.

Play safe carry condoms

Whenever you are attending a party or gathering or meeting your partner carry condoms, the best way for safe sex. It not only protects from pregnancy but also gives protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Make sure you have condoms in your pocket as any moment you would feel like having sex, could be under the influence of alcohol.

Always Question

There is no harm in questioning your sex partner about having undergone a HIV test. Make sure that your sex partner has undergone an HIV test especially when he or she is a stranger. Whatever the case be extra safe.

Learn to use condoms properly

Before you have sex, learn to use the condom properly. Talk about it with your friend and learn from them, never feel shy. Many people both men and women feel shy or embarrassed to ask about putting on a condom. They will use it incorrectly but never talk about it to friends as the fear being ridiculed by friends. But we should be aware of the proper way of wearing a condom otherwise it will be of no use.

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